Watch Service

A watch is more than just a timepiece; it is a statement of style and personality. Over time, watches require servicing to maintain their accuracy and functionality. At Bijouterie La Voûte, we offer professional watch servicing to ensure that your timepiece is running smoothly and efficiently.

Watch servicing involves several steps to ensure that the watch is functioning properly. Firstly, we inspect the watch to determine its condition and identify any visible damage or wear and tear. We use specialized tools and equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection and to identify any potential issues.

Once the inspection is complete, we proceed with the cleaning process. We use a specially formulated cleaning solution that is gentle yet effective in removing dirt, dust, and oils from the watch's interior and exterior components. Our cleaning is designed to restore the watch's natural movement and looks without causing any damage.

After cleaning, we move on to the lubrication and reassembly process. This process involves applying specialized lubricants to the watch's internal components to ensure that they operate smoothly and without friction. Our team of experienced watchmakers reassemble the watch with precision and care, making sure that every component is fitted correctly and operating smoothly.

Finally, we conduct a series of accuracy tests to ensure that the watch is functioning correctly. We use specialized sensors to test the watch's accuracy, power reserve, and water resistance, ensuring that the watch meets the original manufacturer's specifications.

We also offer a wide range of watch services for quartz watches, including battery replacement, strap replacement, and watch restoration. We have an extensive inventory of genuine parts and accessories for most major watch brands, ensuring that we can repair your watch to the highest standard.

We understand that your watch is more than just a timepiece; it is a sentimental piece of your life's journey. That's why we take great care in servicing and repairing your watch. Our team of experts has years of experience and expertise in the field, and we use the latest tools and equipment to provide the highest quality of service.